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Infoesearch is a one of the leading services provider for online Content Moderation in India. Our Content Moderation services are designed to moderate user-generated content on our client’s websites. Our qualified content moderators shift through various images and text expressions and impressions to effectively build a gauge on your brand image and perception. This service also enables you to comply to and local governance protocols as well, so that the right kind of environment prevails and good content and know-how prevails.

What Do You Get?

Good Quality Content on Your Website and Increased Customer Credibility: It is rightly said, ‘When it comes to your website, quality content is your lifeline.’ When the offensive, risky or malicious content is removed from your website; your website enjoys the benefit of quality content. And a website with good quality content adds value and significance to the time of visitors who are visiting your website in search of some real help or information, which in turn help you gain credibility from your customers.

Elimination of the Risk of Offensive Content on Your Website: Our Content Moderation services are based on human intervention and intelligence, which help you moderate and eliminate malicious content exposed through unwanted submissions, thereby eliminating the risk of offensive content on your website.

Protection of Your Brand Value: Our qualified content moderators, moderate the user generated content on your website, thereby helping you protect your brand value in front of your target audience by having the right content on your website.

The user-generated content, which if not corrected may have lots of risks to the brand value of your company. The user-generated content may be:

  • A defamatory or libelous material
  • Breach of copyright
  • Obscene content and abusive or intimidating comments
  • Abusive comments, including hate speech, violent content, discriminative or libelous material
  • Child safety issues including child abuse, cyber bullying, personally identifiable informational
  • Anti-social behavior and spamming,  including multiple posting, nonsensical comments, trolling and commercial advertising
  • Off brand comments
  • Child safety issues and escalation
  • Illegal content or links to illegal content
  • Intellectual property issues, such as copyrighted text, images, music or videos.

Spam Control: Infoesearch’s Content Moderation services provide solution to the spam problem among many other advantages.  We keep your site clean and on topic by automatically blocking comment form spam, contact form spam and fake user accounts.

Affordable Cost: Infoesearch gives privacy, cleanliness, brand value and reliability all at a very affordable cost. The money you spend for our service would certainly be worth spending as the value you get out of it is certainly high.

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Chat Rooms Moderation
  • Message Board Moderation
  • Discussion Board Moderation
  • Social Networking Profiles
  • Comments
  • Reviews and more.