Closed Captioning

Closed captioning today is an inevitable part of the global broadcast environment. Infoesearch offers exclusive, exquisite and exemplary services in transcription, editing and creation of best closed captioning through its unique 3 Tier Quality Assurance Protocol.

From television networks to film studios to production houses and educational institutions, organizations and firms, Infoesearch is well equipped to provide closed captions for television programs, theatrical releases, home videos, conferences, meetings and webcasts. Whether it is pop-on, roll-up captions, Subtitles for the Deaf or for the hard-of-hearing (SDH), English templates or caption reformatting, we are experts at it all. Our confidence comes with our experience of providing excellent closed captioning solutions to our esteemed clients.

  • Captioning

    We devise excellent methods to give outputs that are nearly perfect and contemplation is our strength in closed captioning!

  • Subtitling & Localization

    We invigorate ideas that expel exclusive content and that makes our subtitling & localization services exuberant!

  • Transcription

    We design an ebullient work flow and all our transcriptions are just unequivocal making us inimitable!

    • Pop-on
    • Roll-up
    • SDH
    • English Template
    • Reformats
    • Encoding
    • Chinese
    • Dutch
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish
    • and other languages
    • Broadcast Scripts
    • General Transcription
    • Talk Shows
    • Board Meetings
    • Educational Videos
    • Online Seminars

We provide Most eloquent media services

Through our

3-tier Quality Assurance Protocol

And so, we are Unique!