Content Moderation

  • Protection of your brand image on the web.


  • Infoesearch specializes in User Generated Content (UGC) moderation and Online Community Management as we understand one of the biggest challenges of maintaining a community and keeping your pages safe from the potential harm of spammers and the toxic nature of cruel and offensive comments. Our moderation services ensures that nearly every message posted to your community is reviewed and either approved or denied according to your business guidelines – eliminating the risk of inappropriate content.

We ensure that sites based on user generated content stay safe and dynamic by moderating message boards, Chat rooms, Social Networking profiles, Online Magazines and more. Our round-the-clock teams of certified content moderators will ensure the highest degree of moderation efficiency and accuracy which includes 24/7/365 customer support to meet our client’s deadlines from time to time.

Our moderators are familiar with all relevant and current legal issues, copyright concerns, Child Safety considerations and other practices across the globe. We place great sensitivity toward the nuanced needs of brands and their user community subcultures.


We are experts at dealing with:

  1. Defamatory, obscene or libelous content
  2. Child safety issues, cyber bullying, personally identifiable information
  3. Anti-social behavior and spamming that includes multiple postings, absurd comments, trolling and commercial advertising
  4. Off brand comments
  5. Illegal content and malicious links
  6. Intellectual property issues such as copyrighted text, images, music or videos

So, trust in us, and we provide you excellent content moderation services that make your site completely malice-free, risk-free and spam-free at the most affordable prices.

Our area of expertise:

  1. Picture/Image Moderation
  2. Comment/Text Moderation
  3. Video Moderation
  4. Moderation for Blogs
  5. Profile Moderation for Social Networking and Gaming sites

After all, it is quality content that drives y’our’ success.