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media analysis services

Media analysis services empowers brands in retrieving both the quantitative and qualitative elements of media coverage to analyze the right meaning by decoding the placement, tonality impact, focus of the earned or unpaid media exposure. With the power of media analysis services you can analyze consumer behavior, market trends, competitor’s performance, consumer perceptions on brand.

Infoesearch has been helping hundreds of brands and PR agencies to help in knowing their media coverage, revive marketing strategies, define target audience, and develop insights on markets/industries.

One of the secret recipes of a successful brand is “How its CEO is making decisions?” In today’s world, it’s a billion dollar question and we have the answer to it.

We are well recognized for our unmatched quality with our 3-tier quality check, tailor made services, quick turnaround time for daily and comprehensive analysis for print / web / broadcast content.

Our Media analysis allows you to gain insight on:

Market Overview

Market Overview:

Markets are dynamic and fragile, your business can only stay ahead of competition when you have a complete overview of market and its trends, We provide an extensive market overview that will help you be on your toes to make decisions.

At Infoesearch, we can help you with a robust market overview report which consists of but not limited to Market size, Maturity, Influential factors, Challenges, Entry barriers, Trends, Key players in the market etc.

Competitor tracking

Competitor tracking/activity:

Marketplace is full of competitors that are slimy and tricky. Tracking a competitor and their activity has become the basic norm of any Industry.

Our competition analysis comes with ready to use charts where you can exactly plan your next move against competition. Competition SWOT, Battle cards with key dimensions, Digital presence comparison will help you to plan your business strategies well.

Consumer behaviour

Consumer behaviour:

Consumers are being constantly targeted by the brands and their decision making is almost unpredictable. It is imperative for brands to predict customer behaviour with data and constantly encourage them to stay loyal and we make it easy for you.

We analyze their Perception, Cognition, Beliefs, Interests, Influencers, Social trends and provide you with extensive reports; which will help you to plan your marketing & engagement strategy.

Identify new opportunities

Identify new opportunities:

Market dynamics have evolved in all the three dimensions and there are many grey areas that needs attention. Identifying the grey area and converting that into a new opportunity is always considered as a trait of smart executive and we can help you to be the smart Executive.

We will help you identify the new opportunities by tracking the competition’s new offerings, analyzing consumer feedback and architecting new services / offerings. Our Media analysis services are a right combination of PR Measurement, Social Media Monitoring and Clipping Services. We also provide extensive analysis including but not limited to Media Analysis, Competitive Analysis/Intelligence, Benchmarking Analysis, Quantitative & Qualitative analysis, Tonality/Sentiment Analysis.


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