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10 million+ minutes of Closed Captions has made us who we are and we will continue our mission to make the world a better place.

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Content Moderation

Content is the Key
in the Digital World.

Content Moderation is an art and science. With 400+ certified Moderators, it’s in our DNA to keep your content clean.

With the right blend of Human moderation and technology, we work round the clock (Real-time) watching your back, so that you can always count on us. Let's get started!

2 million+ in Community Moderation (posts, Reviews, comments, Chat, etc ;) 800 million+ Content Moderated.

Content Moderation

Quantitative & Qualitative
Media analysis.

We understand that Next-Gen leaders need brand analytics and competition analysis, periodically.

Measure, benchmark and outstate competition using our competitive intelligence and analysis.

Omni-channel analysis gives you the vantage point view of your industry and encourages you to make informed decisions.

Qualitative Media Analysis

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