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Media Analysis

A fresh

Comprehensive media study to analyze consumer behavior,audience perception, market trends, competitors and more.

Experience and capabilities

Executive news briefing

Daily, weekly & monthly

Qualitative & quantitative analysis

Insights, pulse, outcomes

Social media

Monitoring and analysis

Summary services

Print, web & broadcast

Vetting reports

Gathering facts; due diligence

Multi-media model

Covering traditional & new media

Be seen, heard & felt

Identify what’s working and what’s not – and – make the right decisions. Infoesearch helped 100s of brands and PR agencies gain insights on media coverage, revive marketing strategies, and define target audiences and markets/industries.

Market overview

Extensive market overview reporting including size, maturity, dynamics, influencing factors, challenges, barriers of entry, trends, key players etc.

Competitor tracking

Know what your competition is doing (or isn’t) via a thorough analysis focused on SWOT, battle cards, intelligence, media-based facts and more.

Consumer behavior

Data-driven approach to analyze and predict consumer perception, cognition, beliefs, interests, influences, and social trends.

New opportunities

Discover exciting opportunities through consumer feedback, media monitoring, benchmarking, tonality/sentiment, and qualitative/quantitative aspects.

Drive revenue growth with media analysis

  • Sentiment analysis
  • PR measurement
  • Broadcast news summarization
  • Press clipping and indexing
  • Competitor activity analysis
  • KPI summaries
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

How can we help you?

Identify markets, competition, and audiences

Understand consumer behavior and perception

Compare digital strengths and weaknesses

Analyze and report facts to pivot effectively

Provide insights and recommendations

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