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What we do - IES

What we do

Our core services- Closed Captioning, Content Moderation, Media Measurement and Analysis and Digital Services are our building blocks to success. Our approach to progress is unique; for, we envision being the leaders of the future. With a highly-qualified team of professionals and a work culture that enables team building, we deliver customized and cost-effective, innovative and superior quality solutions to the clients. Our standards are high and so are our solutions that help our clients scale greater heights.

It’s the age of social networks and digital platforms. The World Wide Web has revolutionized every walk of life and businesses, and enterprises are no exception. And, that’s when we embarked on a journey to provide solutions to businesses to help them make an everlasting mark in the web world.

What we are - Infoesearch

What we are

We are Infoesearch – a leading media services company that aims at emerging as a pioneer in the domain of outsourcing services with innovative solutions.

Well yes! We dream high and of course we succeed in any and every task that we attempt. That’s not an exaggeration!
Our in-house associates are professionals with core expertise in various genres of media services. Our Policies are well framed, best worked and efficiently implemented.
Our business ethics emphasize on quality and mutual economic efficiency which facilitate success for our clients in all their endeavors.
Our quality assurance protocols are specially designed to ensure consistency and assure clients, confidence on the projects they under

IES - Why Us

Why us?

Right from Infoesearch’s inception in 2007, we have committed ourselves to offering effective solutions to complex business issues worldwide. We are the key differentiators today as we are reliable and affordable with Lowest Competitive Pricing, excellently professional in-house team, custom -tailored solutions with focus on continuous process improvement and cost containment.

We believe and actualize a Quality driven culture & Reliability through our most remarkable Quality Assurance Programs.

We Plan.

We Follow.

We Achieve.

We are Performers.

Right from the Day-One, we have been striving to deliver excellence in the Content transformation. Driven by high values and zeal to emerge as ideal partner company in Media Industry, we are in constant pursuit to upgrade our methodologies/ourselves to serve in the best interests of the client.

Success Mantra.

Our founding philosophy of QTV (Quality-TAT-Value) remained our success mantra for almost a decade. What works for us is a magical blend of Superior Quality in Shortest TAT with focus on adding Value to the outcome.

We Stand as Tall as Everest.

We believe in the fact “Best employees are always a keystone for success of any organization”. Beginning with 10, we are now a family of 500+ employees. Our work culture has evolved on the fundamental parameters of work-life-balance and stable employee-happiness-index.

Infoesearch Vision


Strengthen the social fiber by transforming righteous and relevant content.



Supporting content owners in developing a sustainable business by creating positive influence and elevate social advocacy.